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Angela [userpic]

Stan the Spider

September 2nd, 2007 (10:08 am)

Angela [userpic]

Leave You Behind - Part 1

June 2nd, 2006 (07:50 pm)

Where I am: House, Bedroom, Chair
How I feel: creative
Best track/artist: James Blunt - You're Beautiful

It was a stormy night in the outer reaches of the Solar System. The Doctor entered the Tardis carrying a large parcel and dripping wet. He took off his waterlogged coat, and looked around quickly. He spotted Rose asleep in a corner. Moving over to her, he stroked her hair briefly before crossing to the other side of the room and pulling out the psychic paper from his inside jacket pocket. Putting on his glasses, he slowly read the letter carefully printed on it, blinked twice, and read it again, before pacing the Tardis, deep in contemplation. The letter read:

The Foundation and Innovation of the Future

Doctor, we approach you again on the same subject we did all those years ago. You are the only being in existance who will do for us, Doctor, as the last Time Lord still surviving. But it has been a long time since we last saw you. So, let me explain our proposition once again. Our technology has advanced far enough to conquer life over death, to manipulate the human mind, the strongest machine in the world. So we appeal to you again, Doctor, to become the centerpiece for our creation. Of course it would kill you, but think of the human race, Doctor. Your beloved species, happy and carefree. We could negotiate, Doctor. We could save the Time Lords, regenerate every single one. Think about it.

However, should you decide to come, you must be completely alone. No-one could be permitted to come with you. If you were caught, you would lead us all to our deaths. We are a radical organisation, Doctor, fugitives hiding for our own people, who have sentenced all of us to death. They, too, have failed to see the potential of our ideas. But I know someone as intelligent as you, Doctor, will understand. Come to us, Doctor. Give us a chance. But remember - come completely alone. You have exactly 24 hours to respond.

Awaiting your presence,
The Project

He paced for a long, long time while Rose slept, a tear or two occasionally falling down his face. By morning, however, he had made his decision. Rose walked into the control room as the Doctor busily flicked switches, changing the direction of the Tardis.

"Did you miss me?"

He gave her a smile that was, somehow, more tender than usual. "Rose, we're going back to Planet Earth. I...er...have to drop you off for a while. Business with an alien planet, you know, gamma screening, no humans allowed. I'll stop by the Powell Estate, you can see your mum for a bit, eh?"

With an almost apologetic smile, he bent closely over the controls, but not before Rose caught the look of pleading, pity and fear in his eyes.

"Doctor - something's wrong. I just know it. Why won't you tell me?" She grabbed hold of his hand and looked into his eyes.

"You're going to do something dangerous. I can feel it."

And the Doctor couldn't bear it anymore. He slowly got out his sonic screwdriver, and prodded it, so gently, into the back of her head. Rose's eyes closed immediately and she fell into his arms, sound asleep. The Doctor laid her down on the floor of the Tardis, Then, he crossed the room and pressed a button on the Tardis mainframe.

* * *

The Tardis landed with a bump, causing the Doctor to glance anxiously at Rose. Seeing she was still asleep, he carried her out of the Tardis door and set her down in a dry corner. He kissed he gently on the forehed and placed the sonic screwdriver, the psychic paper and a letter on the floor next to her.

"Goodbye, darling Rose," he whispered, before going back inside the Tardis and disappearing with a whirring noise and a blinding flash of blue light.

Rose suddenly woke up from her trance. Looking around in confusion, she noticed the paper, screwdriver and letter on the floor.

"Ohhh, my head. What happened? Doctor? Where are you?"

Slowly, she put the things in her pockets, and looked around her. She looked around her estate, the whole place pouring with rain and looking even more bedraggled than usual. No-one was around - the place was absoloutley deserted. Remembering the brief conversation she had had with the Doctor, she took out the letter and examined it. On the front was inscribed, "My dear Rose" in the Doctor's scrawling handwriting. The seal on the back bore the letters; SWALK.

"Sealed With A Loving Kiss - it's what my mum always used to make me write on my letters. How did he know?"

The envelope and paper looked old, creased, battered. Unfolding the paper, Rose read the letter:

By now you've probably guessed what has happened. The concussion shot will leave you with headaches all round for half an hour but after that you'll be right as rain. I've dropped you back at home, Rose. I'm so sorry I didn't install an emergency protocol on the Tardis but there was no time. Sit down. I owe at least that much to you - I'm gonna explain EVERYTHING..."

There on the page was the contract with Gemini, re-printed carefully word for word. She read it silently, completely emotionless but numb to the core.

"I had to go, Rose. I couldn't have done anything else. The chance to save the world - well, it's what I've hoped for my entire life. I couldn't refuse. If I do this, you're whole world, your whole universe will exist in total harmony. Imagine it, Rose. Free from the pressures of ordinary life. If I could achieve anything in this life it would be to give you and the entire human race the chance to live in a perfect world. I'm sorry I messed it up for you - I could have taken you to so many places, but everywhere I go, I just get you into trouble, don't I? Maybe GENESIS was right - maybe it's time to end it."

"Anyway, I hope you don't regret the time you spent with me and the Tardis. It's always been my nemesis - the fact that I couldn't do more. You have to be cruel to be kind, Rose. In my life I've done so much I regret, all in a futile attempt to bring good out of it. Here, take the psychic paper and my sonic screwdriver. Keep them as a rememberance of me, but remember, that's all they are. Don't try and use them against yourself, Rose. You don't understand the power they contain. They'll destroy you - I'm seroius. You'll be safe here."

"If you want to do something for me, Rose, just remember me. Don't try to forget me - if you don't hate me, that is. The screwdriver and psychic paper are yours - if the Earth ever needs saving, you're in charge now. May they do you as much good as they did me. And if I ever meant anything in my 900 years - and that's a long time - I mean this now: I will never forget you, Rose."

The Doctor

Next to that was scrawled a name, presumably the Doctor's first, in glyphs Rose couldn't quite make out, however hard she tried. She stared, walked slowly inside the Tardis and slowly read the letter again. Then, she crumpled to the floor, the paper still clutched in her hand.

"Doctor - how could I ever hate you?" she whispered.

And after that, the only sound on the deserted estate was the pattering of falling rain, and the only sight to see was a strange, blue box parked right in the corner, with a young lady inside crying heartbreaking, silent tears.

* * *

One a one-way journey to the Genesis galaxy, the Doctor looked haggard and worn. He hadn't slept in days, he hadn't eaten, and there were faint traces of red around his eyes from those nights when the memories and tears threatened to overwhelm him again. He went over to a window and looked out at the brilliant stars, cosmos dust and asteroids all moving in space. A shooting star! But no-one to share it with, he realised. The Tardis was worried about him - he knew that, he could feel her sorrow. But he told himself, he had no choice. It had to be done. With a determined look on his face, he walked to the radar map and saw his destination in front of him - the planet of Genesis. An Arcadia, it seemed to him. A planet of the gods. As the Tardis touched down on the planet surface, he shrugged on his overcoat and was about to leave his ship when he heard it speak to him. It hardly ever did that, preferring to show emotion and opinion through gestures. But when it did, calling him by his real name, he knew something was really wrong.

"Theta, be careful."

The Tardis knew what he was doing, didn't she? How could she tell him to be careful? In his confusion, he managed a last broken smile before looking around him for the final time and stepping out of the Tardis door.

He stepped out into what seemed like a bloodbath. It was a cruel massacre, as beings seemingly composed entirely of light in white suits terrorized large groups of hunchbacked dwarves running desperately on treadmills, clothed in black, with whips and red-hot irons. Their screams rang out over the huge compound. As the Doctor looked around at all of this, confused, five people of light walked up behind him. One of them spoke,

"Doctor, you have arrived. Let us lead you to our base."

Horrified, the Doctor objected.

"No, wait, you can't do this to these people. Stop this now, it's torture."
"If you will not come with us now, we will take you by force."

With that, thick vines made again of white light enveloped him. Impossibly strong, they seemed to be alive as they wriggled around him and tightened the harder he struggled.

"You will walk."
"You will walk" definitley more pronounced this time. The Doctor was furious.
And suddenley he was drowned in a sea of blinding whiteness and he knew no more.

* * *

From her flat in the Powell estate, Jackie Tyler decided to brave the pouring rain in order to dash to the corner shop for some digestives. Muttering curses about the rain, she donned a yellow fluorescent mac and went outside.

On the estate compound, she stared in total shock at the sight before her. The Tardis was here, in a corner, and sitting outside it on the floor was Rose, her daughter, crying her heart out with a scrap of paper clutched in her hand.

"Oh my God... you don't see that every day" muttered Jackie.

"Sweetheart - what happened? Where's the Doctor?" Jankie bent over her daughter, trying to find out what was wrong.

"Oh Mum..." And with that, Rose was sobbing in her arms. The mother and daughter stayed there for some time, just like that, before finally Jackie got Rose to her feet and led her inside. It was time for a nice cup of tea, with or without the digestives.

* * *

The Doctor awoke and gingerley opened one eye. He closed it immediately with a curse as raw pain shot through his skull. After waiting awhile, he took a deep breath, opened both eyes and looked around him. He was in a square-shaped room that resembled an office and was completely white, apparantly bound to a chair on one side of a desk. Opposite him, a being of light, this time with a black band around its head, noticed he had come to.

"Doctor, you are awake. We are glad you accepted our offer. At last, we have the chance to use your intelligence for our... the good of all life." The being finished quickly.

"So you are the members of the Project. Who are you? Who were those people outside, in the compound? You tortured them! No-body deserves that."

He heard a cruel laugh. "I and my kind are Spectres, Doctor, and yes, we authorise this Project. As for our slaves which you mentioned, I would hardly condescend to call them 'people', Doctor. They are merely cattle. A herd race, working for us."

The Doctor's mind whirled. Working for them? The Spectres, as far as he had learned from Time Lord lore, were a self-sufficent race. so why would they need to colonize another species as slaves? Unless... they required extra energy. But what for? He remembered the reason he was here. The last Time Lord. The last supreme power of intelligence in the Universe. That had to have something to do with it.

He pulled himself out of his reverie with difficulty as the Spectre continued.

"But we digress, Doctor. Let us move on to why we are here. Are you prepared to impart your intelligence to us?"

The Doctor stared, absoloutely furious at the Spectres' calousness. He had always been incredibly human, he mused. He had an incredible amount of emotion - that had always suprised him.

The Doctor roared at the Spectre. "A herd race? Those were living things! I will not allow this cruelty. You face the highest authority in the universe, and by my power I will not sacrifice my life to a planet of torture and destruction. I demand you to stop this now!"

The Spectre watched him bemusedly before turning his head to press a button on the wall.

"So be it."

Tied down to his chair, the Doctor heard a mechanical whirring behind him as five metal tentacles slowly extended out of the back of his chair, moving upwards until they were positioned facing the back of his neck, only around half a metre away. As the Doctor listened, the tentacles lengthened, tapering out into sharp, needle-like points. Suddenly, there was silence. The Doctor stopped struggling and forced himself to gradually relax.

"Is that all?"

Suddenly, with an electric surge, the five tentacles reared back and shot simultaneously into the back of the Doctor's neck, creating five needle punctures. Before he could move, the Spectre cranked a lever and watched as yellow fluid soared down the tentacles and was injected into his neck. The Doctor's screaming faded as he slumped unconscious in his chair. The Spectre clicked his fingers and the servant race led him away.

* * *

Waking up for the second time in a few hours, the Doctor found himself stretched out on a hospital trolley, free of any physical impediments but still paralysed. They had injected him with a strong drug - clearly he had another hour or so to wait before the drug was washed out of his system. Already his body was pespiring rapidly, trying to rid him of the foreign substance as quickly as possible.

Three Spectres in white masks approached his bed, followed by the one he had spoken to earlier, with the black band still around his head. The Doctor recognised that band as a symbol of authority, so was unsuprised when that Spectre spoke first.

"Doctor, we are severely disappointed. We had hoped to convince you that our mission was genuine, that you might break down the barriers in your head. That's why we gave you chances to come to us willingly, with those letters. Did you not wonder why we sent them? We wanted you on our side. But we are running out of time, Doctor. If you had not come we would have been forced to kidnap you. You know that if we enter your mind with those barriers in place, you will be rendered brain-dead before we can extract enough vital information, and it will be far more painful for you."

The Doctor was about to retort when he noticed that the drug did not extend to his mouth - he could speak - and that the Spectre was bluffing. He knew that Time Lord psycology is complex and almost impossible for other species to understand. With his mental barriers, he would suffer severe pain, but he knew the Spectres would be unable to enter his mind at all. That's why they were so desperate to appear genuine, he realised, gaining the upper hand. They needed his consent!

"Therefore, our council has rendered that action non-viable. The only option left to you, Doctor, is to submit. Break down your mental barriers - only you have the power. You can see that, can't you? Answer me, Doctor!"

The Spectre was getting desperate, the masked attendants looking on anxiously. Probably keen to impress the boss, the Doctor thought wryly. Well, he had no intention of agreeing to the boss' demands. And if he made it angry, so much the better. It would buy him some time, he thought. Time to find out how to get out of here, and to solve that mystery of the necessary herd race and why they were there.

No beating around the bush, thought the Doctor. "No."

"What? Is that your final decision, Doctor?"

The Doctor didn't know much about Spectre psycology, but he could see he was close to pushing this one over the edge, and since he was obviously in charge, he was interested to observe the consequences.

"Yes, it is. My final decision." he retorted defiantly, sticking his tongue out at them for good measure.

Infuriated, the Spectre made his final decision. Now it was pefectly clear. He had decided to take a huge risk - leave the Doctor in a room he couldn't escape from, and then target his weakness. He desperately needed to somehow get rid of the Doctor's mental barriers. He knew the Doctor was old now - he had lived beyond 900 years - so torture wouldn't work. No matter how much agony he exposed him to, the Doctor wouldn't crack. He was clever enough to use his hate to further strengthen the fortress of his mind. But Genesis knew the Doctor well - they had studied him for millenia. They knew the only way to get at him was to get at his pet species - the human race, and his companian with them. If he sent the entire army as an invasion force to destory Planet Earth - and he knew it had to be the whole army; the Earth there was a chance he would terrify the Doctor into submitting. A small chance. And the Spectre knew that if they were destroyed, the Doctor would show no mercy.

And if he did try to escape - well, the drug injected into him earlier had a special substance mixed in, unknown to the Doctor. Sort of like a dormant cyanide. It would be activated the minute he left the planet's atmosphere, killing him within ten minutes. Bits of Time Lord splattered all over the universe. Whopee, thought the Spectre. He had had quite enough with the Doctor. He was more trouble than he was worth. But one thing was for sure - Spectres did not like failure. He knew he would never stop trying. He'd had quite enough with universe domination, but he was still just as determined to get the Doctor if he possibly could.

The Spectre turned away from the Doctor and began pushing buttons and flicking switched on a wall console. Unnerved by his lack of response, the Doctor attempted conversation, but the Spectre ignored him completely, speaking instead into a walkie-talkie.

"Send all troups - yes, every single unit. This needs to be perfect. Destination: Earth. And seal the Ante-chamber. Quarantine the entire Genesis office."

The Doctor spluttered, "But... you can't destroy Earth! They don't deserve it - whatever I've done to you is my responsibility. Please. Don't do this. And how can you quarantine this building? You're sealing yourselves in!

"Oh, are we Doctor?" The Spectre fingered the black headband he wore. They would come back after the Earth was destroyed to see the impact on the Doctor.

"Say goodbye to Ms. Tyler - when we attack Earth, we will make sure she is the first to suffer..." With that, the Spectre pressed a button on the band and he and all his servants vanished.

The Doctor slumped against the wall and slid down it onto the floor, his head in his hands.

"Rose..." he sobbed, so quietly it was impossible to hear.

It was then that he heard a voice, echoey and distant, but clearly audible.


* * *

In her mother's living room, Rose collapsed in an armchair, holding a steaming mug, with Jackie sitting next to her. In a sort of exhausted trance, Rose painfully explained how the Doctor had left her. By the end of it, Jackie was fuming.

"That man! I'm gonna kill him! Does he even realise what he's done to my daughter? Oooh... when I get my hands on him..." Her rant continued for some time, the Doctor receiving every human curse Jackie knew, until she was interrupted.

"Mum... I don't think you'll be able to get your hands on him... he's dead." She explained the contents of her letter, concerning the Genesis project. Some of the Doctor's feelings she kept to herself, however. Some things were just too personal to share. Jackie sat and stared silently at the floor.

"Oh..." She was broken off by a knock at the door. Anxious to have something to do, Rose stood up.

"I'll go and get that."

Jackie nodded and went to the kitchen to make more tea.

On opening the door, Rose was suprised to see a stocky man of average height, wearing very dusty clothes that were covered in paint and a hard hat. She gave him a bewildered stare.

"'Ello sweetheart, who are you then?"

"...Rose Tyler." She responded cautiously.

"Blimey, you're Jackie's daughter! Come 'ome from travelling, eh? Listen darling, you should come home more often, she worries about you an awful lot, she does. Thinks the world of you though...."

Unused to total strangers greeting her so enthusiastically on her doorstep, Rose decided it was time she enlightened herself.

"Who are you?"

The builder laughed. "Me? I'm Harold, that's who. Now could you let me in, dearie? I'm sure Jackie's pleased to see me."

Rose opened the door further and let Harold in. Moving into the living room, she hurried into the kitchen and opened the door.

"Mum... there' a bloke called Harold waiting in the lounge... who is he?"

"Harold... oh!"

Jackie entered the living room only to be picked up by Harold, who gave her a huge hug and planted kisses on both her cheeks. Rose watched, fearing for her own sanity. Eventually Harold put Jackie down on the carpet.

"Jacks - good to see you! My shift's done, so I'm here for the rest of the day." With that, he slumped himself on the sofa and switched the telly on.

"Mum!" Rose hissed. Jackie looked at her.

"Come and help me with the tea, Rose." she said. "Harold? Fancy a cuppa?"

Upon Harold's acceptance, Rose followed Jackie into the kitchen, closing the door behind her.

"Mum - there's a strange man sitting in our living room - who the hell is he?"

Jackie looked affronted. "It's only Harold, dear - works down the local building site. Used to work at the fruit stall in the market, don't you remember?"

Recalling this man, the one who kept fruit in his dressing gown, Rose laughed.

Jackie continued. "Well, he lives here now. Got somewhere to come home to. And he keeps me company, what with you being away eleven months out of the twelve."

Rose visibly shuddered at the mention of her travels, and Jackie's expression softened.

"I didn't mean that. Come on, Rose, let's take the tea in."

In the living room, Harold had found a decent film on television and Rose and Jackie sat down with him to watch it. As Rose sat down, a message appeared on the television screen.

The voiceover sounded strangely emotional. "We interrupt this broadcast to bring you an urgent news warning. It has been confirmed, today, that alien life has invaded the British Isles."

Amateur video footage suddenly appeared on the screen, apparantly from Central London. Huge mushroom-like vehicles were zooming through the air, emitting large clouds of green smoke. The camera shook as an explosion occured in the near vicinity. More footage on the Underground, where no-one could see. The Houses of Parliament were apparantly on fire, and several senior politicians appeared stranded on the roof. Someone had written an SOS in Hyde Park using ketchup. The centre of London appeared to be in absoloute chaos. The voiceover seemed to be having hysterics as she narrated the terrible pictures.

"We are being attacked by what is apparantly an alien force, the main army of which has landed opposite Big Ben. Negotiations have begun with the Prime Minister and members of the UN after the aliens informed them that they had landed in London with the intention of capturing Rose Tyler, and I quote: "She will be the first one to suffer." Ms. Tyler, if you are there, give yourself up." A picture of Rose then appeared on the screen.

The commentary resumed, but Jackie, Harold and Rose all ignored it. Jumping out of her chair, Rose ran for the door.

"Mum, we've got to get to Westminister - NOW!"

"Sweetheart - are you mad? You'll get yourself killed. We need to hide!"

"The Doctor told me, in his letter, that if the Earth needs saving, I'm in charge Mum. And that's exactly what I'm gonna be. Someone's gotta save the planet!"

Jackie beamed with pride at her daughter, and Rose grinned, glad she had her mother's approval. She turned to Harold.

"Public transport's gonna be down, so have you got a car, or a truck or something?"

"Well, my Mini's being repaired, but there is the haulage company van-"


They all ran out of the front door, and onto the street. People who had seen the broadcast were running down the road towards them, angry expressions on their faces.

"Uh-oh..." Rose muttered.

"What're we gonna do?" screamed Jackie, nearing hysterics.

"RUN!!!" Rose grabbed Jackie's and Harold's hands and sprinted with them down backstreets and alleways, towards the haulage company carpark. By the time they arrived, they had lost the crowd and were now across the road from the carpark.

"Harold, sneak in, grab the van and straight back out, got it?"

Unused to sneaking, Harold managed a stuttered, "I... think so," before setting off to get the van. Rose and Jackie waited in agonising silence for several minutes that felt like hours before they heard tyres on the road and, with a squeal of the brakes, Harold's van skidded to a halt next to them.

Harold looked pleased. "Get in, you lot."

Rose shook her head in amazement. She couldn't believe she was about to save the world in a battered truck, covered in paint and graffiti, with the standard "Pete and Co. Haulage Company" "A busy truck is a happy truck" on it. It was crazy. But crazy was a constant once the Doctor had touched your life, Rose mused. She leapt into the front seat and slammed the door.

On the motorway to Westminister, Rose was just beginning to get over the travel-sickness. This was worse than being in the Tardis, she thought. She couldn't think how Harold had gotten his driving liscence - he was the worst driver she had ever seen. Skidding through the streets with squealing brakes, flat tyres with no tread, and a horn that had got stuck halfway down the M5, they weren't exactly camouflaged. You could've heard them coming a mile off. Well, they had lost the element of surprise, but maybe the alien horde would be deafened by the time they arrived. Rose's ears were beginning to feel numb. Things, could be worse, she thought. At least I'm not in as bad a state as Mum.

Jackie was in a sorry state. With only two seats in the truck, Rose needed to be in the front to occasionally grab the wheel from Harold when danger loomed and point him in roughly the right direction, using an A to Z they found in the glove compartment that had half the pages missing. They had had no other option but to tie Jackie firmly to the back of the truck, where the furniture was usually kept. Unfortunately, however, the rope had snapped, and so the thuds and screams as they swerved tight corners left them in no doubt as to Jackie's opinion of this ride. They could literally hear her sliding from one end of the long storage cart to the other, attracting a great deal of attention from the few people on the street who clearly thought they were mad.

Harold was now zooming through the streets of Westminister, past all the posh London shops and cafes, and hurrying towards the looming Houses of Parliament. Rose could see it's outline not far off in the distance, and the mushroom-clouds looming above it - but then...

"Oh - " Here followed a rally of expletives from Harold, who couldn't believe Rose had read the map wrong. "Rose - we're on the wrong side of the Thames!"

"What?" Rose craned her neck, and saw it was true. A large expanse of water seperated them from the alien horde, who were looking more menacing by the minute. "But - but - we can't be!"

"We are. YOU must have read the map wrong."

Rose decided not to argue with Harold. Now, she told hersself firmly, was not the time.

"Where's London Bridge?"

Harold consulted the map. "A few miles downstream."

Rose squinted across the river. The aliens had managed to take the entire building hostage, and were pointing huge fearsome weapons at politician's throats. It didn't look good.

"We don't have time to get there! We've gotta do something now!"

Harold suddenly ran off, ignoring Rose's questioning yell. He had had an idea. A motorboat was lying a few miles downstream. It was one of the tourist boats that chugged happily up and down the river, but now it was, unsuprisingly, deserted. He doubted anyone would care if he stole it. After all, no-one had pulled him up for his terrible driving earlier. He made up his mind, and got into the boat. He cautiously started the engines, and the boat revved off at high speed towards Jackie and Rose.

Rose had helped Jackie to get out of the truck, and then to stand up. She was now leaning against Rose, glaring at the truck and looking very pale. Suddenly, they were all drenched in a torrent of muddy water. Shaking her head like a dog, Rose looked up and saw Harold sitting in the pilot seat of a small tourist boat. He beamed at her.

"Alright, come on now, get in you two. Don't have much time and all that..."

Rose ran up to him and hugged him hard. "Harold, that's amazing! Let's go!"

She bundled Jackie in and jumped aboard. With a furious roar, the motorboat kicked into gear and the three shot off across the river. Within 30 seconds, Rose had changed her mind. There was something worse than Harold driving a truck. Harold driving a boat. As he was frequently yelling incoherently about steering, she was guessing he'd never driven one in his life, it was going at 90 miles an hour, and Rose turned her had in time to see Jackie being violently sick over the side. Rose looked over at the Houses of Parliament and was amazed to see that the aliens had actually halted their seizing of the Houses of Parliament and were staring open-mouthed at the spectacle they were creating on the river.

The boat zig-zagged dizzyingly from side to side and within minutes it became clear that Harold was loosing control. As the boat's speed increased further, they had almost reached the other side when Harold panicked.

"The steering's gone!" he yelled.

Rose snorted. She doubted if there had ever been any steering. However, all thoughts of amusement were banished when she found they were heading staright for a large statue erected on the water. Harold let go of the handles.

"JUMP!!!" he screamed as the boat crashed into the statue.

Rose managed to dive free just in time, and took in a deep breath as the water engulfed her. She could hear Jackie screaming that she couldn't swim, and the stupid motorboat. With an exasperated sigh, she struck out for the shore, ready to meet her adversaries.

Making it to the other side, Rose clambered onto the bank, wet through and exhausted. She stood up shakily and shook the water out of her hair. She stood up as tall as she possibly could, and intoned, "I represent Planet Earth, and - "

Suddenly, she noticed the absoloute silence all around her. The hostages, the politicians, the aliens - they were all staring at her in absoloute shock.

"What? It's very rude to stare, you know!"

The aliens all stared at her for several seconds before bursting simultaneously into laughter. Rose tried to look affronted, when she actually felt frankly terrified. It wasn't easy.

"What's funny?"

One of the aliens suddenly pointed to the crown of his mushroom-shaped head. In confusion, Rose reached up to the top of her head, and pulled out - a frog. She had a frog on her head. Emerald green and ribbiting at her.

Great, thought Rose. Try to make an impression on an alien invasion force, and what do you get? A frog on your head. Typical. She had been jolted across London in a haulage truck, across the river in a motorboat, and had just made it to the middle of London - and the alien threat she was supposed to intimidate... was laughing at her.

In time, the alien guffaws faded to giggles, and just the occasional chuckle, then - nothing. Rose's stony glare had eventually worn them down. You just couldn't laugh through it. Well, at least I got something right, thought Rose. Must've inherited that from my mother. Praise be to genetics! Oh my god... I'm sounding like... like the Doctor.

Saying his name was painful, even now, but Rose knew now was not the time to break down.

Suddenly there was a splash from the bank a few metres away, and everyone looked over in time to see Harold explode from the water, carrying a bedraggled Jackie in his arms. The resemblance to Superman was amazing, and all the women tried their best not to gawp at him.

Harold must work out, thought Rose approvingly.

"Harold! You're alright!"

"Yup - I'm always alright, me!"

Setting Jackie down on the ground, Harold steeped back, then had to run in and catch Jackie as she swayed alarmingly where she stood. It was clear Jackie wasn't going to be doing very much after her ordeal.

"Alright," said Rose, trying to take control of the situation, while the alien horde was still confused.

"Harold, if you could look after Mum over there..." She gestured to a patch of dry land in the far corner under a tree, where she hoped any missiles the aliens tried to shot wouldn't land.

Watching Harold traipse off into the distance, Rose prepared to face the alien horde for - what was it? - the third time. It wasn't to be, however. Rose heard a furious rev, and suddenley everyone sprinted away from the shore. Too late, Rose realised what it was.

"Oh no - the boat - ARGH!"

The motorboat had exploded into that water feature, thanks to Harold's driving, and while the entire top had shattered from the impac, the boat's anchor had cought on to the base, forcing the motorboat to zoom around it in circles. The rusty anchor had soon broken, however, sending what was a harmless little tourist trap on a collosion course of death, directly at the group on the bank by the Houses of Parliament. Various assorted debris, including several disgruntled fish, were also being centrifuged at 90 miles per hour down the Thames.

As the boat rushed by, it sent out yet another torrent of water, drenching Rose for the second time that day. Now, no female Tyler can ever stand getting covered in muddy water like that, with no prospect of a hot shower, and Rose was really getting mad. She heard a wet squelch, and looking down, she noticed that in her fury, she had been squeezing the frog far too hard, and it's eyeballs were practically popping out of their sockets. She lessened her hold guiltily, then had an idea. A brainwave, even. Rose knew she had to stop that motorboat, otherwise she and the other innocent civilians were never going to get any peace again. She looked at the frog once more, and tested her aim. she had to do it now, and her shot had to be perfect.

The frog closed it's eyes in terror as it hurtled through the air, however instead of landing on the power button as Rose had intended, it missed by centimetres and landed with a splat on the brake lever. It clung on to the end of the lever for dear life, and as the lever was loose from the constant jiggling at 90 mph, it slowly bent backwards. Rose could soon see the motorboat starting to slow, and she cheered the frog on for dear life. A few minutes later, the motorboat finally ground to a halt, and Rose stopped cheering. The alien horde were looking at her, completely bemused. In truth, they had never seen ANYTHING like this in all their field assignments. Something had to be wrong. Was this a practical joke or something?

Silence reigned yet again, and Rose experienced immense frustration.

"Can't a girl save the world in peace anymore?"

The aliens finally seemed to regain comprehension of the situation. Here was a little girl, covered in mud, trying to save the world... in peace? Now, they couldn't let that happen. The kitchen staff would be jeering at them for weeks on end.

The mushroom-head, as Rose liked to think of them, who was obviously in charge held a large black and fearsome-looking weapon at

the Prime Minister's throat. Absoloutely terrified, Rose decided to give things a try anyway.

"Right, as I was saying..." She cleared her throat in an attempt to hide the tremble in her voice.

" I represent Planet Earth, and I demand that you let these people go!"

The mushroom-head leader spoke up in a husky and ego-centric Latin American accent.

"Or what - you'll throw a frog at me?" His companions roared with laughter, and Rose was enraged. What she wouldn't give to slap that

guy senseless. But she didn't fancy getting herself killed just yet.

"Or...or... I'll use this!" She yelled suddenely, her eyes lighting up as she delved into her jacket pocket and produced the Doctor's sonic


The aliens all stared at the screwdriver. "What is that?" One of them asked. "A potato masher?"

"NO!" Rose was ingidnant. "It's a sonic screwdriver, and if you don't let all these people go now, and more importantly LEAVE, I'll ram this up your ass using setting... 682D - and that won't be pretty." She finished. She didn't have a clue about setting 682D, she just hoped it

worked when the time came.

She heard a slow, mocking laugh from behind her. The alien squad commander, or whatever he was called, had painfully tied the Prime

Minister to a tree and softly crept behind her. She whirled around as he pulled the firecest looking weapon from his belt. It looked kindal like a black chainsaw, thought Rose. But it was huge - almost as tall as she was. The alien, who must've been around 7' 5'', had difficulty holding it upright. He turned, pointing the thing at wrought iron lamppost. He pressed a button, and a hatch opened, Jets of white-hot flames spewed out suddenley, vaporising the lamppost within seconds. The light was so bright Rose had to look away, but when she opened her eyes, the lamppost had completely disappeared. In it's place was a cloud of raidioactive ash that drifted away into the breeze.

It's owner chuckled, "Little lady, if you use that - I use this."

* * *

"Theta." The voice called him again. The Doctor was now almost sure he heard the Tardis. Sitting bolt upright, he cautiously, allowed himself to transmit down their telepathic link. This didn't happen very often.

"Yes - it's me."

"Theta, do you remember what happened on the Game Station?" She hardly needeed to ask - Theta snorted in spite of himself.

"Of course I do! How could I forget-"

The Tardis interrupted him, sounding reproving. "That event had greater consequences than you know. Many things happened that day, and one of them is probably about to save your skin. Now button it, and listen up."

The Doctor stared. Had she actually said that?

The Tardis heard his thoughts, and chuckled to herself. Coming down the link it sounded like a wire short-circuiting, or very bad static.

"On that day, Rose looked into the Time Vortex. Now, no-one has ever done that before. No-one. Ever. The Vortex was overflowing after all those millenia, so as the prophecy foretold, a part of the vortex became Rose Tyler from the moment she looked into it. Her whole life long she has had that capacity in her to do such a great thing - she is Bad Wolf. It had lain inside her, dormant for 19 years of her life, until it was activated by the Vortex. Did you never wonder why she seemed perfectly suited to life on board the Tardis, like no other being before her? No ordinary human could ever have done that."

"Wait - there was a prophecy? About Rose?"

The Tardis laughed again. "Not just about Rose. Haven't you ever heard the 'Story of Creation'? Stanza 7, Verse 5."

"But that - that's just a kid's tale!"

"Not Stanza 7, Verse 5. It's the very last part of the rhyme, the one that takes days to recite, and it was put there by the Face of Boe for a reason."

"The Face of Boe?" Things were starting to get too complicated.

"Yes, I knew him as a child. Such an interesting boy." The Tardis commented wryly.

"But don't interrupt. As I was saying, the very last stanza was put there for a reason. Listen."

And the Tardis solemnly recited the following:

The future holds bleak, for our home, in the War of Time,
As death looms, the planet is lost and only one remains,
The Lonely God,
Soon he will be joined, by the destined traveller,
The Bad Wolf,
The little girl who does not fear the Vortex.
Together they travel, for upon her change, their futures are entwined for eternity.
The Healer and the Wolf, together through countless centuries.
And so the future of our race will be restored.

"... I remember now... the Lonely God?"

"Bo portrays you in a favourable light, as you can see."

"But what does this have to do with anything..."

"Don't you see? When she took in the Vortex, Rose became a part of me - she controls me and I feel her like no other. When she took in the vortex, she commanded that I keep you safe, no matter what the cost. In her desperation at the time, a fragment of Bad Wolf was channelled into the vortex, and she demanded that I use it, when your most wanted and needed to be saved. So I am coming - I sense Rose is in danger, we don't have much time."

"But-" There were a million questions whizzing through the Doctor's head.

"Theta - not now! I'll answer everything later - right now we have to get Rose."

With that, the Tardis shut down their link as a twinkling yellow light appeared in the corner. The Doctor shut his eyes as the light rapidly grew stronger until the whole room was illuminated. Suddenley, in a shower of golden rain, the Tardis materialised. The Doctor ran up to the Tardis and hugged her before running inside and yelling for joy.

"Yeehah! That's my girl! OK, where's Rose gotten to?"

The screen flashed green and gave him the location. The Doctor paled as he remembered the Spectre invasion force.

"The Houses of Parliament it is - I have a feeling the Earth won't have surrendered yet and knowing Rose, she's probably got something to do with it."

They left the building, and within seconds they had left the planet. Immediately upon leaving, the Doctor clutched his head, yeeling in pain. Within one minute, he was collapsed on the Tardis mainframe. As the Tardis shot as fast as possible towards Earth, she wondered frantically if she could get to Earth in time to save him.

* * *

Rose put her hands on her hips. She ignored the commotion behind her as a few humans spontaneously fainted at the sight of the leader's killing machine, her mind entirely focused on buying her some time. She quickly stowed the screwdriver away. It was obviously not gonna be any use now, and might just get her out of a tricky escape situation. Like the Doctor said... it was very good at opening doors...

"So... tell me about this... weapon... thing."

Their leader beamed, delighted to have been asked. "Only one of it's kind in the universe. It has seven functions - slices, dices, explodes, mashers, castrates - he winced -, vaporises and turns you into a 3X3 foot cube - that's the large mallet atatchment. AND - as an added bonus - it contains my pet."

He opened the flame-hatch he had used earlier, and invited Rose to take a peek inside.

"Say hello... to Flamer." A little red dragon was concealed in the hach - when it saw Rose it winked one large yellow eye. The leader dangled a beef-steak through the hatch.

"Who's a good likkle dragon, eh?"

Rose rolled her eyes, entirely confused now. The alien invasion commander kept a pet in his machine gun? At that point, the commander decided he'd had enough playing. With one large claw, he pinned Rose to a tree and pointed his gun at her, all in one fluid movement.

"Hasta la vista, Earthling!" Rose closd her eyes in terror, knowing she was about to die.

It was then that she heard a roar behind her, and saw Harold, more furious than she had ever seen him, come charging at the mushroom-head leader with full force, a piece of twisted metal in his hand. Caught off guard, Rose saw the commander flinch. Harold ran at him and knocked the weapon out of his hands.

"Don't you DARE hurt her!" he roared.

Harold's action appeared to spark a reaction in all the people on the riverbank, and pretty soon all the politicians were fighting the aliens with whatever they could find - broken bottles, large poles, fishing nets. A furious brawl emerged as it appeared many of the alien guns had broken. The water from the Thames was apparantly fatal to alien hardware, and any that had come into contact with it were deadened immediately. Half the horde were left with large, black clubs instead of chainsaws. Loud battle cries of "Long live the Spectral army!" rang out through the field. OK, so they weren't mushroom-heads.

Rose was disappointed. She'd hoped for a little more banter so she could buy them a little time to think up a plan to save everyone, but it was too late. She realised that not everyone was gonna survive this, and ducked for cover.

A few metres away, Harold was having the time of his life. He was easily the best human fighter on the field, and he finally realised what he had been put on this Earth to do. All those weight-lifting sessions at the gym had finally paid off, he thought, clubbing his 10th alien, who promptly collapsed.

While Rose was staring at the situation, the Spectre leader had regained his weapon, and was now shooting at her. She ran for cover and ducked behind a bench, but too late - he had seen her. He vaporised the bench, and towered over her quivering form. He pointed the weapon at her for the last time. She swore she could smell Flamer's breath as the weapon leaned in closer.

That was when she heard it - that whirring sound - in her opinion, the most beautiful sound in the universe. While the Spctre was momentarily distracted, she kicked the weapon out of his claw and sprinted for the Tardis door. She had only just gotten inside the Tardis when the door was peppered with bullets. She leant against it, breathing hard at her narrow escape, when she saw the Doctor.

"Oh my God..."

She ran to his side straight away, staring at him. Before she could do anything, however, she heard a furious hammering from the Tardis door. It looked about to collapse under the strain. Pushing a chair in front of it, she called to the Tardis.

"Tardis? Can you hear me?"

The Tardis responded. "Of course."

"Erm... right, can you take me somewhere?"

The pounding increased, and Rose threw herself at the door in an attempt to keep it shut.

"Where do you want to go?"

"I don't know! Just... float in the Void or something."

Suddenly, she felt the Tardis jolt unexpectedly. The banging stopped immediately, and Rose felt herself slide across the Tardis floor as it tilted and collapse in the corner. She heard a thud and suddenly the unconscious Doctor came sliding into her. The two were wrapped in a tangle of limbs on the floor. Picking herself up, Rose examined the Doctor.

"Only one heartbeat, and that's sluggish. Tardis, what's wrong with him?"

"I cannot tell from here. Bring him to the medical bay." The old, echoey voice was like nothing she had ever heard before. Rose's mind was overflowing with questions, and as if she could read her thoughts, the Tardis blocked out Rose's mental link before she could say another word.

Rose carried the Doctor onto a hospital trolley, and wheeled it into the medical bay.

"Right, basic scans first..." she muttered, taking a rectangular scanner and running it over his brain, heart, lungs, liver and kidneys.

The results were not good. All major organs had shut down, with the exception of brain, heart and lungs, which were keeping him running - just about. Rose took a blood sample and inserted it into the Tardis for identification. The printout result was not good. Rose read aloud.

"Blood sample, Gallifreyan/Human male, B positive - that's my blood type! - Platlet count average, blah blah blah..."

Here followed a long list of factors. Rose skipped down to the end, with a category entitled: Foreign or Dangerous Toxic Substances, and read the one item on the list - it was apparantly an advanced form of Clostridium Boutilium, a potent Earth poison, that was triggered in organic matter upon atmospheric change.

She read this aloud to the Tardis, adding, "The change must've been when he left the planet!" She could fell the ship's shock and sorrow rebound across their mental link. She asked, "How bad is it?"

In a small voice the Tardis replied, "My dear child... he has less than ten minutes to live."

"WHAT? Oh my God. Doctor..." Rose brushed hair away from his eyes. There was so much she needed to tell him - how could she thank him for showing her the universe in five minutes? "Tardis... is there anything I can do?"

The Tardis hestitated before responding. " There is an antidote, of course, but Theta always was lax with precautions. He probably doesn't stock it on board - he knows exactly how to make it, but using my equipment, the process would take far more than ten minutes, I'm afraid."

Rose shook her head wordlessly and st down on the nearest stool, feeling her legs were about to give way. Her sobbing in complete despair rebounded through the Tardis, softening her ancient heart with true compassion for this little girl, a part of the Tardis, who she knew was so much more than just another human. While wondering if there was anyway to help Rose, and Theta, she suddenly remembered the old rhyme she had recited in the Genesis office.

"Together they travel, for upon her change, their futures are entwined for eternity..." She hadn't realised she was thinking aloud until Rose looked up. Ignoring her, the Tardis began to think like never before. Bo had said that part of her destiny was to unite the Healer and the Wolf, and the only way she could do that was through Rose. The only human ever to have a telepathic link with her. She was certain that to bring Theta back, those two had to do something unprecedented. Unifying them, using the greatest power available to her... Bad Wolf! Of course!

Marshalling her thoughts, she called Rose again and explained. "Rose, there's a lot you need to know but as we don't have time you're gonna have to put complete faith in me. Can you do that?"

After thinking about it, Rose responded in the affirmative. Satisfied, the Tardis asked her the one other thing she needed to know. "Are you prepared to risk your life for him?"

Rose looked at the person on the bed. Her hero, her friend. Her lover? She would never know if she didn't save him. But she did feel an amazing attatchment to him, even though he had left her. She always had. If she had to die for him she knew she would in an instant.


"Good. I'm doing this on a hunch - it's never been done before in history, so things could go either way, for you and him. Now, can you access Bad Wolf with your mind? Reach back into your subconscious... that's it..."

Rose found, to her astonishment, that even though the Vortex had been removed from her, Bad Wolf and the essence of the Vortex remained, and she was able to access the whole Vortex using that tiny fragment that remained. The power of the universe was at her disposal.

"Right, here's the plan. For the doctor to survive he needs an antidote. Now, the vortex has natural cleansing power, too strong for you humans to handle - it kills you, but the amount you have in your system SHOULD have strong healing properties on a half-Gallifreyan, with his advanced Time-Lord genes. The only thing is, Rose - you need to block your mind. The part of the vortex that is combined with Bad Wolf in you will try to pull the rest of the Vortex in, like glue. Access Bad Wolf, but keep a firm block on the rest of the Vortex. Too much and you both go through the roof.

We don't have any of the right equipment here, so we're going to use the simplest type of tube, so your blood's gonna mix, I'm afraid. Right, first things first, this drug should shut off the pain sensors in your brain, temporarily, so you can operate on yourself. They'll return as soon as the transfusion is over."

She proceeded to tell Rose the materials for the transfusion. She ran to grab the required drugs, syringes, tubes and machines for the entire experiment. Injecting herself, she felt a numbing sensation. Testing herself, she pricked her skin with a needle and watched it draw blood without her feeling any pain. She nodded to the Tardis.

"I'm ready."

The Tardis explained the method step by step as Rose dashed around preparing tubing and drugs. She watched as Rose inserted a small tube into a vein in her arm, then made an insertion in the Doctor's forearm and inserted the other end of the tube. She got another trolley so they were both lying side by side, Rose lower than the Doctor. With Bad Wolf in her blood, it had gained enough energy to travel against gravity into the Doctor's vein.

The Tardis kept urging her to hurry, the Doctor was running out of time, he had seconds left. At the last minute, Rose finished the job. She replied she was ready, and swallowed the pills that would shut down her mind so she could concentrate only on blocking out the rest of the Time Vortex, special ones that would stop working with the transfusion. All the Tardis could do now was wait, to see what would happen. Would the transfusion work? Would Bad Wolf cure the Doctor? Would Rose be able to use Bad Wolf but keep the Vortex at bay? The Tardis waited in absoloute anguish. She had never been so frightened in all the millenia of her existance.

* * *

A few minutes later, the blood was still quietly flowing down and up the tube. If the Tardis could have bit her lip, she could. She could feel the Doctor trapped between life and death, as was Rose. She was slowly managing to pull him from the brink of regeneration, while exhausting her body and mind. So far, she had managed to keep the rest of the Vortex at bay, but the Tardis didn't know how much longer she could keep it up - her strength was being stolen away.

Suddenley, golden dust began to accumulate around the pair, lying side by side. The dust grew until the two were in the middle of a sphere of swirling dust. It was the energy produced when their blood was mixed, the Tardis realised. Those two really were destined to save each other. Then, a blinding golden light began to pour from the dust cloud. The Vortex was escaping! Rose was getting weaker by the seond, and soon she would not be able to keep the Vortex at bay any longer. The light was getting stronger. If this carried on it would kill them both...

It was then that she felt a tug - a strong pull. Theta had been cured by the Wolf, who had burned the toxin out of his system, and completely healed, he was powering back towards life, lending Time Lord strength to Rose through his blood, who was using it to continue her block on the Vortex. The golden light gradually receded and the ball of golden dust dissolved, leaving behind a golden hue as the two travellers both made it, firmly alive but exhausted.

Rose awoke first, st up weakly and looked around her. Seeing the Doctor was breathing, she gazed mystified at the gentle golden glow that surrounded them. She called shakily to the Tardis.

"Wh-what happened? Did we do it?"

The Tardis was ecstatic. "My child, you have saved him! You brought the last Time Lord back from the brink of death! Sleep now - the battle is over."

A wave of relief swept through Rose. She wanted to jump up and down - but she was so... so tired. She leaned over to the Doctor, stroked his hair and kissed him gently on the lips.

"My Doctor..." she murmured, before succumbing to the wave of exhaustion, falling back on her stretcher, too tired to remove the tube, and fell into a blissful slumber.

Satisfied that the plan had worked, better than she could have hoped, the Tardis settled to wait for the two to wake. There was a lot that she needed to explain, and even more that she needed to think about, concerning the future of the universe. After all, Earth was being invaded. Billions of lives were at stake. And to beat them, Theta and Rose were gonna have to work together, and get used to the new power they commanded. Theta, for instance, now held access to the most powerful entity in the universe - Bad Wolf, as well as Rose's memories, thoughts and ideas at the moment of the transfusion. He also held all the memories of the Tardis and the Vortex.

Rose, on the other hand, was gonna have to cope with Time Lord memories, thoughts and physiology, and the memories of the Tardis and Vortex, which had activated upon her using her power as Bad Wolf. The Tardis wan't sure to what extent she had changed, but knew for a fact she wasn't human anymore. She smirked as she felt Rose dreaming about a partial soloution to the Stasis Paradime in her head, while the Doctor subconsciously realised this and solved the other half of the Paradime. Both of them were able to perform the logic the other couldn't. Their minds met and both of them realised the complete soloution at the same time. They both smiled happily, in deep sleep.

The Tardis smiled protectively. Those two were like children to her now, both sharing exactly the same thoughts with her and each other, and able to read each other's minds. Joined in the most intimate of ways, through blood - she didn't see how Rose could leave Theta again. What choice did Theta have but to marry her now? Together they would save the universe, together they were practically invincible...

Her musings were interrupted several hours later by Theta, who woke up, stretched and gasped as the memory of his collapse in the Tardis overwhelmed him. And why, he wondered, did he have a tube in his arm? Wincing in pain, he looked down and saw blood, tinged with gold, mixing with his, which was also golden in colour. Following the tube, he noticed Rose lying beside him, and the gentle golden glow that enveloped both of them. Rose? What was she doing here? Unless... Realising what COULD have happened, he felt faint with excitement and was suprised when the Tardis responded to the thoughts in his head.

"Of course you're alive, Theta."

"You can hear my thoughts now?"

"As clearly as you can hear Rose's."

It was true. He could feel that his connection with her was phenominally strong now, as was his connection with Rose. On a whim, he reached into Rose's

subconscious. He knew he shouldn't have, but the temptation was too strong. He could feel her wrapping up the soloution to the Stasis Paradime, the one

they had solved together in their sleep, he realised in wonder.

"As you can see, you two can work miracles together even in sleep. Imagine what you can both do awake, now you are joined..."

"JOINED?" He couldn't believe it. A dream he had secretly been keeping in the back of his mind had become reality. He couln't believe there was finally a way to keep Rose with him for eternity.

"But how-" Then he looked at the tube running between their arms.

"Yes, that DOES have something to do with it. Let me explain."

"Rose forgave me then? For leaving her?"

"Rose did more than that, she saved your life."

The Tardis proceeded to explain everything that had transpired - she didn't want the Doctor to invade Rose's mind to find out while she was sleeping. Theta listened in astonishment and wonder, his love for Rose growing by the second.

"So, she made history, saved your life, gave a Time Lord the power of Bad Wolf, joined you two for eternity - everything. 19 years in the universe and she's

fulfilled the prophecy, Theta. Amazing."

"And I couldn't love her more..." he muttered.

The Tardis could hear his thoughts. Poor Theta was desperate to know if Rose loved him back. She couldn't deny him that knowledge.

"Why don't you take a look and find out, Theta."

He reached for Roses's thoughts - they came to him easier than the last time. Reaching her emotional centre, he was astonished at the amount she felt for him. Pain, anger, sorrow, they were all there, but washing over them all was a beautiful manifestation of love. Pure, unrefined love. For him! The lonely time traveller, always running across the universe, doomed to be friendless for eternity. For him! The gratitude he felt was immense. He left Rose's mind and broke

down in tears.

"Rose! My Rose... how I love you."

The Tardis, fed up with dealing in human emotion for too long, put an end to his outburst, and briskly ordered him to remove both ends of the tube, if he as strong enough to leave the trolley, and wait for his wound to heal. Time Lords heal quickly, and a few seconds after the tube had been removed, the gaping incision vanished, leaving behind a strangely shaped scar that looked like a fireball, or a ten-pointed star. He was about to go to get some nanogenes for Roses's wound when he took the tube out, but the Tardis told him to wait and watch. After a few seconds, Rose's wound healed too, in Time Lord fashion, leaving behind a scar that looked oddly like a wolf. While the Doctor gaped, the Tardis self-congratulated smugly.

"I have a feeling, Theta, that healing minor injuries isn't the only Time Lord quality Rose has acquired. I sense she is nearing the end of her healing process, and as you are so anxious to talk to her, and I have a lot to explain to her, reach for her and tell her to wake up."

Theta obliged. Deeply asleep, Rose heard the Doctor's voice emerge into her head.

"Rose... Rose, wake up... Rose..."

The gentle but insitent nudging soon had Rose awake. She stared around her, clearly confused. When she saw the Doctor, she grinned at him, delighted. The Doctor beamed at her like he had never had before. In a flash he had scooped her up off the trolley and into his arms, kissing the top of her head. Rose was bewildered but perfectly happy with the Doctor's unexpected display of affection.

"Hey, you're alive! It worked!" She was stunned when the Doctor answered her telepathically.

"It certainly did!"

"We can talk... like this now?"

"This... and lots more besides. 234 squared?"

"54756... ah. Oh my GOD this is fantastic!"

The Doctor smiled. "Glad you think so. There's something you gotta know, Rose. I... erm... wanted to tell you ever since I met you..."


"Yeah. The thing is... oh hold on, I'll show you."

The truth exploded like a firework in Rose's mind as the Doctor's mind joined with hers and she heard him profess undying love for her. His mind was in turmoil from the strength of his emotions, a mix of visuals and sound. The picture imprinted in his mind was of him standing on a rainy clifftop yelling the words out to sea, and she saw it clearly in her head, their minds merging together. The inside of the Doctor's mind, Rose thought, was breathtakingly beautiful.


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